Jay Enterprise is established at Heeze, The Netherlands . Our premises houses first-class training facilities for brokers. It is here that we create our quality network, which allows us to provide maximum support. 

Our aim: 
Jay Enterprise aims to become and remain market leader in the Promotion of Financial Products at the European level, a situation that will be achieved and maintained by our own team. 

Ever since the establishment of Jay Enterprise, we have proved to be an extremely solid and transparent organization. This has allowed us to create and launch innovative products for brokers. 

How we work: 
The Promotion of Financial Products in the clearest and most transparent way possible. Our special selection criteria for financial products means a greater level of certainty for your end customer. 

• International network of brokers 
• A channel for both product introductions and promotions 
• Open and short transparent communication 
• Ground testing and planning before promotion activities